Photoshop Tutorial: "Change Background" how to change background photoshop free

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Difficulty: 5 Moderate

The key to this project is correct usage or layers. Don't worry, Photoshop takes a while to learn and I'll admit it has been frustrating at times. But don't worry, you'll get it. Feel free to ask if you don't. ****NEW**** will have threaded discussions and FAQ to make it easier to learn and teach.

*Disable your original layer after you duplicate it at the begining of this tutorial.

*Remember the layer you are removing the background from is your second layer.

* Pay attention which Layers you are working in compared to the video. "Background Layer" has no transperancy, so you can't delete the background from it.

*in the end layers will be staked in this order.
Gradient shadow
black & white soft light model
Gradient gray
Background (original layer) (turned off)

listen to his message if you haven't. This guy's a hero.

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